Family owned & operated for more than 40 years


Humble Beginnings

Antonio Rosa learned the definition of hard work very early in life. Born in a rustic village in Pozzallo Sicily, Antonio’s passion was to share his life’s experience and love for food with the public. Like many immigrants of his generation, Antonio wanted a better life for his family. That aspiration prompted the long journey to the United States where he settled in Brooklyn, New York, and opened his first restaurant PISA in 1959.

Selling pizza for 15 cents a slice Antonio worked hard to make a good living and offer the finest quality, authentic Italian food to his patrons. Determined to live the American dream, Antonio’s goal was to expand his business and provide a better opportunity for his family.

In 1971 Antonio and his wife Rosalba moved to Houston, Texas and opened Antonio’s Flying Pizza and Italian Restaurant. More than 40 years later, Antonio’s is a landmark, serving local Houstonians and visitors from all around the world. Through dedication and hard work the Rosa family has made Antonio’s what it is today. With the help of their loyal customers, they are able to carry on the tradition in providing quality and consistency in their food for many years to come.